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Dark_Falcon11/04/2012 1:00:53 am PST

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How’s this?

There is a 60 day only window for all illegals to register with the federal government. They will be given ID cards and provisional Social Security cards so that they can get onto the tax rolls.

These cards will allow illegals here to begin the application for citizenship after 10 years, assuming they meet all the necessary criteria. Illegal aliens are moved to the back of those seeking American residency and citizenship line. All those who applied legally and played by the rules will be given precedence.

When they register, they must sign a document agreeing that they will obey our laws, both criminal and civil. If they break the law, they agree they become subject to deportation after any criminal charges are dealt with. Children born here and under the age of 18 will not be able to influence residency laws. No family need be broken up- parents are free to return home with their children.

Family reunification will no longer be an accepted way to circumvent immigration laws. If you miss your family so much, the airlines will be happy to transport you back home for a short or extended holiday. Your family are free to apply for immigration just like everyone else.

All illegal aliens who do not comply with registration or other requirements will be subject to deportation after the 60 day window has closed. Families who do not wish to be separated are free to leave and accompany the illegal alien back home.

People who have been legally waiting for years for residency ought not be punished or moved to the back of the line

The problem with that approach will be the sob-stories about people who “could not get to the right office” or “didn’t have their paperwork”. For your approach to be implemented, it will mean deporting a man whose wife and children are citizens because he filled out his paperwork incorrectly. The media accounts of that man’s deportation are going to stick in a lot of people’s craws and cause you to be called “cruel and heartless”.