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Barefoot Grin2/07/2020 9:18:37 am PST

re: #187 Dr Lizardo

You can read his book, “The Governance of China” as a .pdf - I won’t link it here, but just Google Governance of China pdf and it’ll come up on a site called bannedthought dot net. It’s the first result that comes up.

It’s interesting to compare the cases of Xi Jinping and Bo Xilai (whose wife was arrested for murdering a British man who had been acting as a financial aid; Bo, too, was arrested and jailed for life). Both had fathers who emerged from the Long March only to later be brutalized during the Cultural Revolution. Their fathers were both rehabilitated by Deng Xiaoping. I believe Xi’s father was put in charge of implementing the first Special Economic Zone in Shenzhen area. Bo was promoting a return to Maoism as a popular mayor in Dalien and then in Chongqing or was it governor? and was it Chongqing? my memory is for shit) by cracking down on corruption. He was seen as a potential rival to Xi until his wife’s shenanigans came to light. It helped give Xi a green light to kick start his own nationwide anti-corruption campaigns, which killed two birds with one stone: he could further weed out rivals and convince the people that he was getting tough on profligate officials and their Little Prince/Princess children.