Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson Met With Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

steve_davis5/14/2019 4:40:40 pm PDT

re: #4 HappyWarrior

That was two years ago. Still hideous now as it was then. Oh and Mo, you pathetic son of a bitch, I got diagnosed with my heart condition at 13 and my heart condition is in large part due to genetics, so fuck you and your moralistic bullshit, I hope you get a giant herpes sore on your fat right wing chode so not even your right wing wife will want to screw you.

yes, but your heart condition shows that you are not a member of the Elect. Just like if you are dirt poor, that is God showing that you are not a member of the Elect, and therefore you warrant whatever punishment is inflicted on you. And if you think I’m kidding, see Calvinism.