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The Other Les4/02/2009 7:38:59 pm PDT

re: #168 onyxraven1979

Want to buy some French rifles? Never fired and only dropped once.

Actually that’s not true. Frenchmen can and will put up a stiff fight for something they believe in. Their main problem is that their political and military leadership tends to be fouled up most of time.

For example:

“The French as a nation have a long history of insisting on being different and claiming it’s a superior practice. A case in point is that at the beginning of the First World War is that while all other nations had adopted earth toned uniforms for their soldiers the French politicians INSISTED that their soldiers go into combat with the traditional dark blue coats and bright red trousers. As you can imagine this didn’t work out well for the French Army. The French also had the best bayonets mounted on the worst rifle, but that’s another story.”