Good tarp news ?

Buck10/04/2010 4:57:00 pm PDT

re: #2 avanti

OK, why the bitching on the right when the administration tried to regulate the industry and and limit bonuses. It was accused of class warfare and being anti capitalist.

What you might have missed was how much the industry WANTED the new laws and regulations. Why because it came with a slush fund for future bailouts. A huge fund that can be tapped for future irresponsible behavior where even the small can be to big to fail. A $50 billion fund called for by the bill that would pay for dissolving failing firms that pose a risk to the financial system. It is that part of the bill that the right opposed.

Applauding and supporting the Obama administrations new regulations were the Chairman of Goldman Sachs. He knows his companies donations and monetary support of Obama is going to pay off 100 to 1. Not that Goldman Sachs is going to dissolve anytime soon, BUT it makes it easier to absorb the business the smaller companies take the bailout.