Right Wingers Cheer South African Labor Union Massacre of Blacks With Racist Glee

Romantic Heretic8/19/2012 4:22:54 am PDT

re: #2 Bob Dillon

Because unions are composed of people in America, and in America if you hold any position of power you collect 6 figure salaries and have a high end lifestyle?

Furthermore I have never heard of a company being driven into bankruptcy because of a union.

Next, why are unions and their management held to different standards than companies and their upper management? No one, save the usual suspects, suggests that we have to destroy capitalism when capitalists fuck up. Why is it, “We have to get rid of unions!” whenever unions, in the opinion of those who want unions gone, screwup?

And finally, suggesting that unions should be destroyed is an attack on a fundamental right in a democratic society: the right to freely assemble. I don’t believe that the people wanting unions destroyed intend to stop there either.