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Blind Frog Belly White2/29/2016 2:10:44 pm PST

re: #283 Eclectic Cyborg

Partial list of celebrities who have died since 2014 within two months of their birthday:

Robin Williams (B Jul 21 - D August 11)
David Bowie (B Jan 8 - D Jan 10)
Lemmy (B Dec 24 - D Dec 28)
Christopher Lee (B May 27 - D June 7)
Natalie Cole (B Feb 6 - D Dec 31)
Leonard Nimoy (B March 26 - D Feb 27)
Scott Weiland (B October 27 - D Dec 3)
Robert Loggia (B Jan 3 - D Dec 4)
Wes Craven (B Aug 2 - D Aug 30)
James Horner (B Aug 4 - D June 22)
Terry Pratchett (B April 28 - D March 12)

Okay, but the Scientist in me wants to point out that to properly establish anything we need a list of ALL celebrity deaths, using a generally applicable criterion to determine celebrity, and then we can analyze them to see if the suggested phenomenon is real.

And yes, my friends and family DO find me insufferable at times.