An Excellent Tiny Desk Solo Concert by Dave Matthews

ObserverArt7/04/2018 11:06:53 am PDT

I went and visited a brother in northern Ohio yesterday. Driving back to Columbus last evening, it was right as the sun was setting and a rainstorm had passed through the city when the most gorgeous full arc from end-to-end rainbow formed right above the highway. It had very distinct color bars, was vibrant and the foreground above was light blue and the background below was dark grey from the storm.

Really a once in a lifetime rainbow.

And right next to me on the seat of my car was my Nikon digital reflex camera and my new Samsung phone. But I was in the outside lane, it was still spitting rain and the road was busy at 65+ mph and I wasn’t going to risk trying to reach for anything and try and manage getting it in the proper position to shoot the rainbow directly above the car.

I was bummed. It would’a’ been a great shot.

But I still got to see it.