A Staged Scene in a Gaza Hospital? - Update: CNN Yanks Video

dentate1/08/2009 12:14:44 pm PST

OK, as a neurosurgeon (like Sanjay Gupta!) who has seen plenty of trauma, that was NOT a real resuscitation. It was not even a good fake. The doctors involved in a code, especially for a young child, are anxious and tense, and would be huddled at the bedside and looking at the child and at the monitors, not pacing around and chatting as Gilbert is doing while the bearded guy taps on the chest. Also, this is a death due to rocket trauma. Aside from a tiny round spot that looks like it came from an IV, there is no blood there, not on the sheets, not on the doctors. It was obviously not head trauma, because you see the purported victim’s head later, with not a scratch; it’s not exsanguination due to a traumatic amputation, since the arms and legs seem intact too. this would have been chest or abdominal trauma. What’s the injury here, folks? Where are the chest tubes? Where is the blood?

And the nurse who commented above is correct, this is not what family looks like at a code. They look as though they were instructed to cry. If your child is dying in front of you, and Dr. Gilbert is pacing around, not bent over your child, you get hysterical. I know of several instances of doctors having their teeth knocked out when they came to tell a family member that a child had died, and that is here in the States.

Finally, it defies belief, even if you take the video at face value, that nobody comments on the idiocy of sending your kids to play on the roof in the middle of a war zone. No one at CNN thinks that this is peculiar?