Bernie Sanders Suspends His Campaign (Full Speech)

KGxvi4/08/2020 2:38:54 pm PDT

re: #330 EPR-radar

Republicans vote the way they do because the GOP appeals to their irrational resentments. Since this is not a rational position, it is impossible to reason them out of supporting Trump/GOP.

The path to a D victory in 2020 does not rely on converting even a single Republican. It relies on turning out the D base (and, unfortunately, on the mushy middle in the purple states).

I think there’s basically three kinds of Republican voters left:

1. The greedy. They vote on lowering their marginal tax rates and always oppose raising them. No other issue matters to them.
2. The Christianist reactionaries. They vote in opposition to pretty much anything modern.
3. The white nationalists. They may not know they’re white nationalists, but they are definitely racist and want to “close the country” and kick out anyone that doesn’t look or speak like them.