Outrageous Outrage of the Day

Walter L. Newton5/06/2010 11:29:15 am PDT

re: #346 engineer dog

of course the real meaning of cinco de mayo in the u.s. is as one of those ‘let’s celebrate this important american ethnic group’ days, such as st. pat’s or columbus day

imho, we should do a better job of affirming the importance and dignity of every origin in this country on a particular day set aside for every group

Yes… it’s called the 4th of July… been there, we done that.

(And I will repost something I mentioned above)

And in regards to national flags on holidays. I was recently married to a Hispanic for almost 15 year. EVERY one of those years we spent July 4th with her mom and dad, and about 400 other Hispanics and Whites in a Denver city park… and guess what, there were Mexican flags, American flags, novelty flags, biker club flags, special interest banners… a whole plethora of “signs and symbols” related to things people were proud of.

No, it wasn’t a school setting, but it was a party atmosphere, lot’s of booze and other recreational substances, and not once, in 14 years, did I ever see any confrontation about the numerous symbols flying around.

This principle should be teaching ALL the students a respect for each others culture, not trying to put one over the other on any given day.