An Open Letter to American Spectator

Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus6/26/2010 9:06:43 pm PDT

re: #348 marjoriemoon

What in “Inconvenient Truth” is forged? Did you even watch it?

The problem I had with the movie is that it was too personal, and thus too much about him and his family.

Regarding the science in the film - it was no worse than most of the stuff that once sees on TV. Very simplified, not fully explained, and presented as “ta-dah, presto” rather than as a result of many decades of work.

It was Gore who helped, when he was in the Senate, to bring James Hansen’s testimony and similar stuff to prominence. In that Gore did good work.

I know many conservatives won’t forgive Gore for taking the 2000 election to court, but in the end he accepted the result. I don’t blame Gore for trying, for he had clearly won the majority of the vote nation wide and it was only our state system of electing presidents that got GWB into office.