Overnight Open Thread

sattv4u22/18/2010 7:59:29 am PST

re: #381 drcordell

Just stumbled across this article in the NYTimes. Thought I’d post it here for the benefit of Walter L. Newton. I seem to recall him roundly mocking me for describing CBS’ practice of classifying full time employees as “contractors.”

U.S. Cracks Down on “Contractors” as a Tax Dodge

Do you even read what you post befroehand??

Companies do not withhold income taxes from contractors’ paychecks, and several studies have indicated that, on average, misclassified independent workers do not report 30 percent of their income.

SO ,,, the employee doesn’t report his full income, and thats the employers fault !?!?!?

AND ,,, now BECUASE the employee didn’t report their full income,, the gov’t wants to punish the EMPLOYER !?!?

What could POSSIBLY go wrong !?!?!