Robert Stacy McCain Posts Racist and Homophobic Slurs on Twitter

What, me worry?6/26/2010 6:44:50 pm PDT

re: #399 b_sharp

These aren’t legitimate protesters, they have no goal, no message and no intent beyond wilful destruction of property. There were several peaceful groups protesting until the jerks in black, using the Black Bloc tactic, entered in an orchestrated and well planned manner.

Get these anarchist assholes out of the way, and all of the left-wing protests would be peaceful.

Indeed. They came to Miami when we had the FTA talks in 2003, the free trade agreements. There were a number of planned protests. Huge protests all okd by local government (Dade and Broward counties). One was even a nude protest at the beach - they got down to their skivvies… not quite “nude.” (slackers) The other was a 3 day walk from Ft. Laud to Miami led by local police. All peaceful.

When the black bloc showed up, they tried breaking the police lines by either throwing things at them or spraying them, but that didn’t go over well. There were 3000 police in downtown that day from all over. Upstate FL, even Michigan, Georgia. Swat teams, police dogs, APCs. It was a scene I must say, but for those who do business downtown, it was a God’s send. Wherever these lunatics go, they destroy property, buildings, cars, anything they can. Because of the police presence, the stores were safe.

Now the irony in all of this, they’re against the free trade agreements because they believe it hurts immigrant populations, yes? About 95% of Miami downtown businesses are run by, em… guess who?? The presence of the BB shut the city down for a week. You couldn’t get in or out. Store owners and employees lost a week’s income. Then you have the street vendors. Food, fruit, flowers, even salad vendors. You know, they’ve never really returned after that.

I really hate the black bloc.