Outrageous Outrage of the Day

Jack Burton5/06/2010 11:43:40 am PDT

re: #376 Wishbone

“Well now we know how the British feel on March 17th…”

No you bloody don’t, mate… But just so you do from now on, I’ll let you in on a secret:

We don’t give a toss ‘cos we’re too busy getting good and stoked.

Are you taking the piss? have you ever seen Dublin on Paddy’s Day?

This is probably something new then because everyone I know who lived in Ireland at one time or another said it was a day to go to church, not the pub.

Researching this further has led me to the conclusion that, a party day that puts the Guinness beer company in the black for the year only started in the 90s which is why people I knew who lived there before that time would say otherwise.