Quran Burning Pastor Learned Everything He Knows About Muslims from YouTube

SanFranciscoZionist9/08/2010 6:00:33 pm PDT

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Most Jews are likely at Erev Rosh Hashana dinner right now (except for me as I am sick lying in bed while my family celebrates at my Mother’s home - good news is they are bringing me chicken soup). So I will give the best answer I can.

The Torah is generally accepted to be the word of God as written by Moses. The book itself is considered holy and when taken out of circulation, Torahs are burried rather than thrown out.

That said, over the last few thousands of years, as you can imagine, many Torahs have been destroyed and burned. While it is of course viewed as an abhorrent act, it has never resulted in riots, other than those that rounded up the Jews to kill them,

Huh. I’m guessing that burning the Talmud in the right neighborhood would get you one hell of riot.

Pastor Jones has apparently picked the wrong neighborhood for that.

My only point here is, no one is actually worried about violence from American Muslims. American Muslims are acting like Americans.

Now, are some whipped-up Muslim hicks in the Third World going to react violently? Probably. BUT AMERICAN MUSLIMS CAN’T DO SHIT ABOUT THAT.