And Now, the Stunningly Corrupt Anti-Environment Head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, "Resigns"

JordanRules7/05/2018 7:51:55 pm PDT

re: #434 Belafon

While it might be possible, I don’t think it’s something that needs to be pursued. Unless Ocasio-Cortez denies it, I would assume it happened. And, in the grand scheme of things, this meeting doesn’t really mean much. She was nominated by her constituents because she ran a real campaign. She will have to make the decisions that will help her constituents, which is what we want of her.

I’m sorry, but it it’s barely in the realm of possibility.
Hollywood actress, documented in several places as supporting an upstart campaign with very low odds of winning, photoshops a picture of herself during a campaign event even though there are other pictures of her at said event??