Obama Laughs It Up With Hugo Chavez

RockmanVermont4/17/2009 5:44:36 pm PDT

Dear Mr. President Barrack Obama,

I am currently looking at a picture worth a thousand words,but I’ll try to keep this short.

You have today added the straw(more like brick) that has broken the camel’s back. Today with your gleefully happy handshake with the despicable Hugo Chavez,you have solidified the concrete proving every campaign add you gave us,and every one John McCain gave negatively about you,is true. Over these past months(which have felt like years) I’ve seen the nation I love live in fear. We, the people, need leadership and you must step to the plate or get out. Your actions speak louder than any words you may recite, and your actions are putting us towards socialism.
Your theories and plans have been tried before,and they will not work. You have spent the money of my grandchildren,and want to pay for it with money the citizens can not and will not provide.
You have continued the failed talks with rogue nations such as North Korea and especially Iran.
You have nominated tax cheats to lecture me on how to be patriotic in giving more than 40% of my paycheck.
You have disrespected our closest and greatest Ally, and in doing so insulted their Queen.
You seem to be in the mindset of never being able to except criticism and your narcissistic personality can not serve the me and the citizens to a satisfactory degree.

I am living in Bizzaro World,get me out of this nightmare.