Outrageous Outrage of the Day

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re: #478 marjoriemoon

I didn’t use swastika, because that would be offense at any time, so I picked the German flag, but I could have used the iron cross which isn’t quite as inflammatory as a swastika, but would still be insulting on Holocaust Day.

These kids were being inflammatory. It was obvious from their parent’s statements who could have at least expressed an apology for insulting someone else even if it wasn’t the children’s intention. But you see, it WAS their intention to use the flag as a club to ram it over the heads of the Mexican students. “Screw you, Mexican, and your Cinco de Mayo! We’re Americans and damn proud.” That makes me pretty ill.

This is Mexico, not Iran. This isn’t the freakin Ayotollah. This is all about the AZ legislation and a bunch of white families who don’t want THEM here.

This wasn’t the swastika or the German flag in an American school, it was the American flag in an American school. I said above, though, I don’t think it as about which flag was being worn where, and the whole incident was more about the principal trying to maintain order where there was a clear indication somebody wanted to provoke an incident.

And I think it’s unfair to indict all the people of Arizona. Surely there are people in AZ who have no problem with “THEM” as you put it, being here. But they want “THEM” to be here legally.

A case can be made that we need to increase the quotas, make it easier and quicker for people from our southern neighbor to get here legally - but I don’t know why it should be so difficult to understand when citizens want people to get here through legal means.