Romney Surrogate Sununu Dives Into the Xenophobic Gutter

labman577/17/2012 11:27:55 am PDT

Below is a list of the GOP’s 2012 talking points (compiled from several sources), as elucidated by various conservative politicians and pundits:

- Corporations are people.
- Voting is a privilege, not a right.
- Federal workplace standards and business regulations are unAmerican.
- Women who use birth control are sluts.
- A chicken in every pot, and a spy-cam in every uterus.
- College students are snobs.
- Students who must obtain federal loans are unworthy of a college education.
- Public education is part of a left wing brainwashing conspiracy.
- Critical thinking leads to heretical and treasonous behavior.
- Gay Americans are an abomination.
- Poor people deserve to be poor.
- Union workers are socialist thugs.
- The unemployed are lazy parasites.
- Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise.
- Naturalized citizens with heavy accents are not true Americans.
- The Bible trumps the Constitution.
- America is a Christian nation.
- Secularism equals Satanism.
- Global warming is a hoax.
- Environmentalism is unpatriotic and an attack on the will of God.
- The U.S. auto industry should go bankrupt.
- Cutting taxes for the ultra-wealthy and subsidizing corporations is patriotic.
- Cutting taxes for the middle class and providing funding for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Food Stamp program is unpatriotic.
- If you cannot afford to pay for your family’s health insurance coverage or preventative health care, then all of you are simply taking up oxygen and deserve to die anyway.
- All progressives are communists.
- Liberal Democrats hate America.
- Secession from the Union is the ultimate expression of patriotism.
- The U.S. President is a Muslim socialist agent from Kenya.