Are You a Tax Cheat if You Shop Online Tax-Free?

alinuxguru5/05/2013 5:32:48 pm PDT

re: #2 philosophus invidius

then it seems only fair that she should also have to pay taxes in FL.

You are looking at “fairness” in a one-dimensional basis, How is it fair that Florida businesses receives government services that she is denied? Will she be able to get Florida tax incentives like a Florida business would? Is she able to vote on Florida taxes? Sales taxes is not an issue of “fairness”, it is an issue of tax revenues. Those tax revenues are spent on Florida citizens for Florida citizens. Imagine if she was required to get a business permit in every jurisdiction she does business with? After all, is it “fair” that a Florida business needs a business permit to do business in Florida, but she “skirts” the law?