An Open Letter to American Spectator

b_sharp6/26/2010 9:57:56 pm PDT

re: #483 lostlakehiker

It’s happening faster than scientists, most of whom are rightly conservative in their projections, projected. It’s STILL happening a lot slower than what GORE was talking about. His movie “inconvenient truth” has been banned from classes in Britain following a court case in which it was established that he shaded the truth, to say the least.

The problems we face are real. They’re coming faster than conservative (in the scientific sense) earlier warnings projected. The end state we can reach is worse than most people imagine.

But that doesn’t make Gore’s movie factual. It just isn’t. He lied and quoted people as saying things they hadn’t said. The movie is riddled with that sort of rubbish. We don’t need that damned movie to make our case, and we shouldn’t defend it. There is real evidence, and plenty of it.

In a few more years, at the rate things are going, we’ll be able to point to the Northwest Passage as proof. The evidence keeps rolling in and it’s already overwhelming. Why do we pin ourselves down defending bad data and bad science when we have good data and good science in profusion?

By the way, nine ‘errors’ (each time the word error was used in the report it was surrounded by single quote) were found by the court and the film was not banned from being shown in Britain.