Dr. Tiller Shot to Death at Wichita Church

Dar ul Harb5/31/2009 12:41:23 pm PDT

re: #479 DistantThunder

I’ve always understood it to be a strategy to avoiding taking on the entire Roman Empire and causing a slave rebellion. Instead he sought to change individual hearts which did lead to change in the system.

Well, that’s certainly one explanation. But unlike our Founding Fathers, it’s difficult to think of a divine Jesus as constrained by historical political realities, and thus given the benefit of limited men on the issue, from a historical perspective.

Other explanations: Jesus’ teachings condemning slavery have not come down to us, or were suppressed. Or, Jesus as fully human, was tormented by being unable to directly condemn what he divinely knew to be morally wrong, which is essentially your point, I think.