WATCH LIVE: The Trump Impeachment Hearings - Day 5 -- Hill, Holmes to Testify

Citizen K11/21/2019 6:49:42 am PST

re: #48 HappyWarrior

See that’s the thing. That someone like Kamala or to a smaller extent Liz would break the glass ceiling is great to me but it’s that Kamala offers a lot. I actually think Biden’s not totally useless. I think of the four frontrunners he by far would be the best on FP. But I also think he’s naive as hell about the Republican Party of the present.

He just seems way too indicative of the segment of the Dem party that values comity and bipartisanship over actually getting anything done, which has been such a proven failure against the modern GOP to the point that even Obama’s idealism eventually hardened on that measure.