Another Gorgeous Song From Jacob Collier's New Project: "Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep" (Feat. Laura Mvula)

Anymouse 🌹🎃12/01/2018 8:55:38 pm PST

Hey, my Internet service is restored after two days. Glad I live in a technologically-advanced country.

After it was restored, I saw that President GHW Bush passed away, so I went out to lower the flags in the village.

Read though the last thread of people commenting on things they didn’t like about him, such as the drug-buy set up in front of the White House, or the Willie Horton advert.

For me it was his “atheists can’t be patriotic and shouldn’t be citizens” while I was in the US Navy.

Others mentioned who they thought the best GOP president was in their lifetimes. For me that would be Eisenhower (though I was too young to remember him directly). No GOP president had gone without being involved in criminality in my lifetime, none. The whole “I didn’t leave the party, the party left me” from conservatives is a bunch of crap. It was crap when I was a teenager, it’s crap now, it will still be crap after I’m gone.