Robert Spencer and the Extremists

opnion9/09/2009 3:07:19 pm PDT

re: #556 Lincolntf

Did Mr. Prompter say “I’m in charge here.”?
Wee-Wee is fucked tonight.
If he tells the truth ( that he wants to own 1/7th of the largest economy in world history) then he’s screwed.
If he lies or soft soaps, it’ll be the umpteenth time we’ve seen it and nobody will believe a word he says.

Buh-bye, Barry,… try not to take too many lives with you.

Barry is on tape several years ago saying that he favors a Single Payer
System. Dem Congressmen Franks & Shnkowski say that tyhe Public Option is a segue to single payer.
Obama got too cute by half & he will now be damaged if doesn’t get a substantial bill. Pride goeth before the fall ,as they say.