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iceweasel7/04/2010 7:43:54 pm PDT

re: #571 Gus 802

Correct. Technically or politically, the expected move from the GOP would be to make the Afghanistan War, Obama’s War. Doesn’t mean I agree with it but it’s a typical shrewd political strategy. Now I’m not saying all of the GOP leadership would be behind this strategy but a great deal. I’m also not including the GOP house and senate.

yeah, I’m just talking about the political strategy here. Afghanistan will be made ‘Obama’s War’, and the same pundits who screamed that he wasn’t deploying troops fast enough in 2009, or not as many as the military wanted (despite doubling the deployment under Bush) will be first in line to have amnesia and pretend this is all ‘obama’s war’ and a bad idea. They already are!
I’m sure you know who I mean.