Rightwing Watch - Kevin Swanson: Red Tyrant Abraham Lincoln Introduced Communism To America

Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos8/10/2014 12:07:49 am PDT

Time to really blow Kevin Swanson’s tiny little mind.

The person responsible for translating Marx’s works into English and bringing it to the United States?

Famed anarchist/libertarian Steven Pearl Andrews.
From the Ludwig von Mises Institute, home of Austrian Economic theory:

But this short list is woefully incomplete. For Andrews hoped to include not just the ideas of Fourier, Warren, and Comte in his new synthesis, but also the ideas of Emanuel Swedenborg and Karl Marx. Yes, Karl Marx. William Gary Kline reports that “Andrews was … among the first Americans to discover Marx and the first to publish his Communist Manifesto in the U.S.” And it’s not hard to find echoes of Marx’s thought in Andrews’s work. For example, according to Kline, in the late 1850s, under Comte’s influence, Andrews began “to believe that government, if manipulated by social scientists, might be an effective agent for the social reforms he wanted to see. From this condition of world order anarchism would eventuate as government control was discarded.” In effect, the withering away of the state.

That’s right. One of the founders of what is now modern libertarianism was a fan of Marx.