Huckabee Leads in 2012 Poll

Jack Burton10/23/2009 1:05:43 pm PDT

re: #41 Killgore Trout

The Fair Tax has been thoroughly debunked. Anyone who sticks with idea despite reality qualify as loons. When you add in the fact that he wants a Biblical constitution and has cooked squirrels in a popcorn popper makes him a loon.

Debunked implies that it has been shown to be completely unworkable. I don’t believe such a demonstration of such has been made. Showing that it is not ‘revenue neutral’ ≠ ‘thoroughly debunked’, it just means claims of revenue neutrality are false. Simply because an idea is supported by some kooks, does not automatically make it entirely kooky. This is not the gold standard or isolationism we are talking about here.