Anthony Weiner Schedules Press Conference to Deal with Latest Accusations

Unshaken Defiance6/06/2011 2:47:41 pm PDT

re: #301 windsagio

well again for lying about it.

That’s the thing I just can’t get away from in this whole story.

She knew he was doing this, and married him anyways, and didn’t try to get him to stop. It simply wasn’t an important factor in their marriage.
In away his whole apology is weird in that sense.

Seems to me people assume marriages are staid vanilla nothing terribly exciting relationships. But many devoted couples entertain themselves with the safest “extramarital” sex there ever was-internet affairs. All the contact is digital, er broadband. Hmm, all these terms can be double entendres.

Maybe it’s time for some people to stop assuming every wife or girlfriend will freak out over any porn bookmarks, phone sex, or sexting in a mans entire history or sex life. Kinda silly. If any of those people who dare to have a bit more fun than Ozzie & Harriet seemed to have are at all public figures, or worse-teachers, their privacy is all that protects them from public humiliation and career ending tabloid articles. Kinda immature for a society that mainstreamed porn as fast and VCR’s could be produced, and embraced broadband to really make it common and often in a highly kinky way.