Anthony Weiner Schedules Press Conference to Deal with Latest Accusations

The Mongoose6/06/2011 2:49:16 pm PDT

LGF has always been very, very good at using Occam’s Razor to get at the truth. The most plausible explanation for something is usually the right one. It’s why conspiracy theorists from all sides of the spectrum (birthers, truthers, holocaust deniers, other assorted idiots) are roundly and justly mocked on these pages .

I think the ball got dropped a bit on the “simple = probable” front this time. It was certainly possible, though a bit odd-sounding, that Rep. Weiner’s account was hacked by some vague unidentified hacker who did it so Andrew Breitbart could smear him. But once Weiner admitted it was a photo of him and other details began to emerge, some people kept believing what they wanted to believe instead of accepting that it was becoming increasingly obvious that Weiner was involved and no massive hacker conspiracy existed.

It was always highly possible that Rep Weiner is a cheater and a liar. There’s lots of them out there, particularly in politics. Personally, I’ll be taking this as a reminder that convoluted Machiavellian plots are just not that common in real life.