Van Jones: I Am Not a Truther

iceweasel9/03/2009 6:51:56 pm PDT

Unfortunately wingnut outrage is a self-supporting industry at this point. Too many people specialise in manufacturing it, like Malkin and Beck.

They’ll continue in their Rumplestiltskin antics of spinning bullshit from out of nothing.

I don’t expect Van Jones’ denial to do anything other than create more rumours. The wingnuttiest will choose to believe the troofers, or simply invent more sinister associations for Jones. Others will say, ‘Well, it’s really all Obama’s fault for not vetting the candidate enough.’ Still others will say the whole mess is nonetheless the fault of the Obama admin for not predicting it, not doing enough to stop it, or somehow blaming them or their messaging for the wingnut freakout in the first place.

It’s the lifecycle of wingnut outrage. It lives for one day like the mayfly, but lays a lot of eggs and there are always more mayflies.