Overnight Open Thread

drcordell2/18/2010 9:02:11 am PST

re: #644 Walter L. Newton

As I remember correctly, Dr. Cordell roundly stated a number of times that the money was so good, and that he was so financially needed of that good money that he was making, that there was no way he could quit and was FORCED to stay and except their terms.

Yes, he benefited from it and is still whining about that benefit to this day.

No. I stated a number of times that the money was TERRIBLE. You try living on $100/day in New York City. But it’s certainly better than zero dollars a day. And I need to eat and pay rent. You think I was about to jeopardize the only job I was able to find by complaining to them that their labor practices were illegal? Are you out of your mind?

As a recent college graduate in NYC working in the media industry, you have two options. Either accept the illegal labor conditions they FORCE upon workers seeking entrance to the industry, or don’t have a job. You can keep claiming that people aren’t “forced” to accept those terms, but they are. Either accept the illegal terms, or don’t work.

It seems you think we live in some idealistic world where people can try and put their morals ahead of the need for food and shelter.