Adviser: Romney Was 'Shellshocked'

OhNoZombies!11/08/2012 7:21:46 pm PST

re: #59 engineer cat

it certainly shocked me to find out how many people believe that, and it certainly doesn’t sound like anything that jesus would recognize, especially since he never preached original sin - the concept wasn’t invented until st augustine

but the idea is that only non-christians believe that they can be right with god through good deeds, but that christians believe that to seek redemption through good deeds is a distraction, since the essence of the thing is to be forgiven for your sins, which you cannot avoid having since you are human

(probably most christians don’t even realize that there is no being damned or saved, and no hell to be damned to, in judaism)

I was told that original sin was washed away with the blood of Christ.
Like we got a do over.
Revelations, as I read it, can be interpreted in any way that suits your purpose.