A genius nation fighting against its own intelligence

(((Viking Sea Mexican)))9/27/2013 10:44:00 am PDT

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You have no clue what your talking about, most of the work is contracted out to the lowest bidder and the IRS has to approve what insurance companies will sell on the exchange. Some companies won’t and the government has complete control over them

I’m sorry, it’s you who have no clue what-so-ever of what you are talking.

The law states that the insurance companies have to pay out 80% of premiums, that leaves them 20% to administer the program

You know which other industry operates under these “heavy” regulations? Casinos. Indeed, they implored the government to regulate them this way because it guarantee their customers some payouts and take out unscrupulous casinos. Indeed, some casinos operate well above that.

Non-profit insurance companies tend to operate above the 90% payout /10% admin line.

The entire program is under government control and that is what this is all about. you liberals need to wake up.

Wake up from what? From your dudebro delusion?

The program has too many information and technical problems and is forcing companies to drop coverage to people and put them on Obamacare. Research what is going on in Mass and you will understand it better.

1) ACA isn’t forcing companies to drop people from coverage, it’s forcing them to accept them. It’s also forcing to keep their end of the bargain and not look for quick excuses to deny coverage at the first opportunity.

If you understood business you would know that the larger the market place the less cost to run and the more that will be paid out for services.

That works great… on markets that react positively to free market economics. Insurance doesn’t work that way.

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Macro-economics is important, especially if you keep spouting free market dribble.

As for common sense, I use mine from this planet. From what planet is yours?