Michelle Wolf Explains How to Properly Crush the Souls of Trump's Cronies

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LGF, 6-27-2013

One method of dealing with forced-birthers is the same way a couple in North Carolina did it (for which they used a Twitter handle and hashtag “Saturday Chores”).

Counter-pickets with signs ridiculing the antis.

They also noted that if they can get a permit to be there, so can you. If you get a permit for their usual picketing spot, they can’t use it.

They eventually raised money for a privacy fence around the clinic, which ended the pickets.

Others have taken up their cause with silly picket signs ridiculing antis around the country.

Also (at) saturdaychores on Twitter.

It is a violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994 if any person going to a clinic is harassed by protestors. That is a federal crime and can be reported to a US Attorney, or to a private attorney for a lawsuit.