Rush Limbaugh, Creationist

haakondahl5/20/2009 4:35:38 am PDT

re: #784 Sharmuta

Haak- I love ya. And Sal is my friend too. I’m not getting in the middle of this. Just wish you guys could find a way to reconcile this, because for the most part, you guys are on the same side here. *sigh*

Oh, absolutely. I just didn’t know if he would be checking the tails, and he’s a big boy—I’m not worried about him flipping out if I comment on the length (and breadth, depth, frequency and thoroughness) of his refutations of minutiae—I’ve even up-dinged him here and there. On this thread even. And the only reason I’m referring to him in third person is because you’re pretty much here, and he’s pretty much upthread. And probably you saw by now, but I spoke to Sal a couple of comments ago, to boot. I think explaining things would be counterproductive, so I’ll just leave it at that.