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sagehen11/30/2018 9:27:05 pm PST

re: #67 Targetpractice

I view Bush Sr.’s presidency, for better or worse, as simply a four year closing of his boss’ presidency. He helped shepherd much of the work that had been started by Ron through to the end, he dealt with the domestic and foreign issues that cropped up as a result of policies his boss put in place, and ultimately his presidency fell victim to the economic lunacy that was “Reaganomics.” He never got a true presidency to call his own, but instead the rump term that his boss couldn’t get due to 22A.

He prevented WWIII.

When the Soviet Union collapsed and a dozen new democracies came into being, it all looked so smooth and easy and “inevitable” — HW never got the credit he deserved for maneuvering behind closed doors with such skill and subtlety that hardly anyone even noticed how he saved the world from total destruction.

And then never mentioned it in his re-election campaign; because being quiet about it was the only way to make it stick.

Every time he had a choice between his own job security and the best interests of the country and world… he chose everyone else. It cost him his job, and we owe him more than most people will ever know.