In Which the President* of the US Releases 46 Minutes of Whining, Ranting, and Conspiracy Theories on Video

Yeah Sure WhatEVs12/02/2020 6:17:24 pm PST

re: #73 i(m)p(each)sos

Of all the shitshows lately, I don’t know why THIS particular shitshow is so especially depressing.

Maybe it’s just the sheer bullshit factor of it all - the clownish witnesses, Rudy being Rudy, and so on.

Maybe it’s watching the Republicans leading the shitshow, just completely embracing the crazy and divorcing themselves from any connection to reality.

I just want to crawl under the covers and hibernate until inaguration day at this point.

It’s the Republican legislature allowing this shitshow. The fucking legislature.

And I’m with you. I’m personally craving executions. This is fucking Sedition.