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doppelganglander4/02/2009 8:57:05 pm PDT

re: #895 RebelDebater

Sky Wizard! FLying Spaghetti monster! Whatever you want to call it…my first post I’ll admit was rather extreme…its just I fail to meet believers who have impressed me with any logical reasoning as to why God MUST exist.

*puts down shot glass* You were needlessly hostile and aggressive and left a poor first impression.

It’s pointless to argue that God must exist, or that he must not. It’s not a matter of logic. It’s a matter of faith. You don’t have faith, or don’t see evidence, fine. Other people do. As a nonbeliever, you are not necessarily evil, and as believers, others are not necessarily stupid. What’s ridiculous, and what we’re making fun of here, is demonizing the other side. And how ironic is it that the mot juste has religious connotations?