Pamela Geller Spreads Hatred and Lies at

The right wing mob responds: “The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim”
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Anti-Muslim demagogue Pamela Geller is featured at, with another of her by-the-numbers rants spreading hatred against Muslims — not to mention outright lies: Where Are the ‘Moderate’ Muslims?

In the wake of the monstrous beheading of a young British man in broad daylight by Muslims who cited the Qur’an to explain and justify their ritual slaughter has come the predictable reaction - blame anything except Islam’s violent teachings — from the left and their media propagandists. But where are the “moderate Muslims”?

The kneejerk reaction from Muslim spokespeople and the “leaders” of various Muslim organizations after the bloody beheading of a young British soldier and father in the streets of London, the copycat stabbing of a French soldier by a Muslim who is still at large in Paris, and the bloody bombing of women, children and families on a bright shiny Monday in Boston, has been a deflection of responsibility, as well as secondary attacks on the kuffar. We are admonished and schooled on a mythical narrative of anti-Muslim backlash and “Islamophobia.” We hear, meanwhile, no cries for reform. “Moderate Muslims” hold no protests against the jihad here or abroad.

Geller is simply lying. All of the major British Muslim organizations immediately spoke out against this murder, with no “deflection of responsibility” or “attacks on the kuffar.” Here are three examples out of many:

The Muslim Council of Britain issued a statement:

“This is a truly barbaric act that has no basis in Islam and we condemn this unreservedly. Our thoughts are with the victim and his family. We understand the victim is a serving member of the armed forces. Muslims have long served in this country’s armed forces, proudly and with honour. This attack on a member of the armed forces is dishonourable, and no cause justifies this murder.

This action will no doubt heighten tensions on the streets of the United Kingdom. We call on all our communities, Muslim and non-Muslim, to come together in solidarity to ensure the forces of hatred do not prevail. It is important we allow our police authorities to do their job without speculation. We also urge the utmost vigilance and ask the police authorities to calm tensions.”


Mohammed Shafiq, the head of the Ramadhan Foundation has also criticised the murder of a man in Woolwich by men invoking the name of Allah.

“I wish to condemn the evil and barbaric crime carried out today in Woolwich. Our immediate thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims. From whatever angle you see today’s attack it was at every level evil.

“We must allow the police to gather all the facts before unnecessary speculation and wait for the facts before determining its impact on our country.

“But what happens in the days to come, London and our nation will come together and will not be divided. The terrorists will never win and succeed in their evil plans.

But tonight we think of the family of that soldier killed.”


Fiyaz Mughal, the director of Faith Matters and co-ordinator of the UK Government-backed anti-Muslim hatred ‘Tell MAMA’ project said of today’s Woolwich killing:

“The cold blooded killing of a serving British soldier is a crime that sickens every member of every community in the UK. For the peace of our communities to be shattered like this is almost unthinkable. We must come together, isolate those who believe that extremism and violence are acceptable, and work to ensure that they meet the full force of the law.

“We as the Muslim community will work against anyone who promotes such hatred. Our armed forces deserve respect for putting their lives on the line, irrespective of what we think about the political decisions that put their lives in harm’s way. Their blood is indeed our treasure which we must always protect, just as they protect us.”

Notice the calls for solidarity, and for Brits to resist the hate speech that divides. That’s why Pamela Geller is spreading lies — because that’s the last thing this deranged bigot wants to see.

Meanwhile, if you follow the link to her ugly article, you’ll see more than 100 comments from the Breitbart audience, letting their hatred and xenophobia run free, and calling for mass deportations and even genocide. Comments like this:

A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. If you don’t protest your radical religion, you are just as guilty of radicalism as your fellow Islamists. No more Muslims should be allowed into this country, period!


Wake up and smell the coffee. There is no such thing as “Moderate muslims.” They are a creation of our islamo/fascist administration and propagandized, 24/7 by the state run media.


If you (and I don’t care what religion you are) don’t like the western way of life, get the H**l out of here. Go to where they practice what you preach!!! WE don’t want you here if you’re trying to put your way of life into our way of life. WE like what we have here.


In the old wild west the real Americans used to say, the only good native Indian is a dead native Indian. Now real Americans are saying that the only good Muslims are dead Muslims….

This is the reaction Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and their fellow travelers are trying to provoke, and they’re succeeding.

UPDATE at 5/29/13 1:49:27 pm

Geller responds on Twitter:

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