Trevor Noah: Trump Denies the Science of Climate Change as Scientists Discover Signs of Life on Venus

lawhawk9/16/2020 6:46:08 am PDT

re: #135 dangerman

Guessing here:

Multiple millions of public eyes vs a handful at the irs
The extent of the fraud becomes inescapable
Statute of limitations goes out the window

There’s no statute of limitations on tax fraud. The IRS can investigate and prosecute individuals for tax fraud from when they are discovered, which means that if they find tax fraud in 2020 for something in 2010, they can do so. This is unlike other areas of law where the statute of limitations is more definite.

Trump’s argument will be as it has always been - he’s got so many returns that it’s difficult for an expert to understand, let alone non-tax people, but when you see money flowing between his various entities and no actual money is present, and it’s all done with intent to deceive the tax authorities, you’re looking at not only federal tax fraud, but state tax fraud too. NYS tax is computed differently, so doesn’t necessarily rely on a federal finding of fraud. NYC also would have tax fraud implications as well.