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goddamnedfrank11/01/2009 5:39:00 pm PST

re: #187 Walter L. Newton

I’m not implying anything except that progressive got more contributions than conservatives in 2008… is that right or incorrect?

You are incorrect. I imported this chart of 61 members, which is linked directly from your much smaller list of 12 select members, into Excel and ran the sums on contributions to Dems and Reps.

Dems got $1,329,716
Reps got $1,447,908

Since January 2007, more than 500 individual lobbyists who fit these criteria donated roughly $2.8 million to 61 members of Congress who also received about $1.9 million from the companies’ PACs or employees. These lobbyists represented 25 major health care and health insurance organizations.

You were only running the numbers on 12 out of 61, which is why you got the wrong answer.