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ObserverArt7/11/2018 8:56:32 am PDT

re: #192 Eclectic Cyborg

Sounds like they tried to get you a deal on a line using the Buy One Get One Free promo. That promo requires you to add a new line or (I believe) sign up for DTV to be eligible for the discounted phone. You can’t get it if you are just upgrading existing lines.

I did something similar a couple of years ago but in my case I understood I was adding a line to get the deal even though I didn’t really want to.

That is how it ended up, but it wasn’t supposed to. They were also offering a cheap upgrade on select Samsung phones. I took a Galaxy J3 because that is all I need. I pretty much only need a phone and texting. All it was supposed to do was bump my monthly bill up $6 a month.

As I said earlier, their system was down on the initial upgrade order. The second agent to pick up the order must have added the second line.

The other issue was I was to get an email explaining all the costs. It never came. If I had known what it was going to cost I would have done something else in the time allowed to make changes.