James O'Keefe Pleads Guilty

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re: #299 Stanley Sea

Heh. Someone here (forget who) has a mom who’s was helped by Acorn to get into a nursing home iirc.

Yes, I’ve heard that story!
And was glad to hear it.

Again I think oversight from the national org was seriously lacking, and some ACORN chapters did a better job than others. I mentioned earlier that the chapter that was here seemed to be based in New Orleans, mostly operated there, and honestly, when I would look at their webpage, they didn’t do very much at all, apart from helping organize letter-writing campaigns, etc.

Other chapters, of course, were very active in their communities.

It think ACORN has been disbanded now, and recreated in various localities under different names. Communities need to keep watch on their local organizations and hold them accountable, ACORN-related or otherwise. Just makes sense.