Bill Maher: The Qur'an Is A 'Hate Filled Holy Book'

Nyet3/14/2011 8:24:40 am PDT

re: #2 theheat

I don’t think Maher overgeneralizes about Muslims as such (although I might have missed something). I think he points out that that majority of the Muslims are not radicals. As for his phrase about the Koran, I also think the Bible is a hate-filled holy book, so sue me. (I think there is more hatred in the Bible than there is in the Koran.) It’s just there are times and places for saying things. If this same thing was shouted by some gellerite at an anti-Muslim protest towards an average Muslim, it would be hatred. In this context it’s an exaggeration by an uncritical antireligious guy. Context. (But yes, Maher’s still a douche.)