Right Wingers Cheer South African Labor Union Massacre of Blacks With Racist Glee

Dark_Falcon8/19/2012 6:11:54 am PDT

re: #3 Romantic Heretic

Because unions are composed of people in America, and in America if you hold any position of power you collect 6 figure salaries and have a high end lifestyle?

Furthermore I have never heard of a company being driven into bankruptcy because of a union.

I’d argue that both Chrysler and GM were in fact driven into bankruptcy by their unions incessant demands and insane work rules. Union work rules also help bankrupt that Kansas City steel mill the Dems try to hang on Mitt Romney. The mill went bankrupt in substantial part because the union refused to allow for needed changes in labor practices, such that only an electrician could change a light bulb.

Unions have a role to play in mining, its a fact, and its an important worker safety role. But they need to be somewhat reasonable and the South African mining union in question was being entirely unreasonable. And then it compounded that action by sending its members armed with lethal weapons to attack the police. Those who were shot while doing that deserved to be shot. And yes, I would say that if they were white, too.