Mark Kirk: First I Was for the State Department, Now I Prefer Israel

Dark_Falcon4/20/2014 3:45:29 pm PDT

re: #5 palomino

What are you even talking about? Obama, Kerry, et al. have said repeatedly that the temporary deal with Iran has no better than a 50% chance of working, which means it will probably be dead in a few months. How many times do we have to say “we will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons” before it makes you happy? Shouldn’t we at least try diplomacy before the inevitable war that you seem to desire so badly?

And Obama said the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in Syria would be the crossing of a “red line”, but when that line was actually crossed the Obama Administration did not put forward a plan to actually punish the Assad government for having done so. So you will please excuse me if I feel Barack Obama’s declarations regarding rouge nation’s having WMDs seem to me less than 100% credible.