Absolutely Disgusting: Trump Gives Saudi Arabia a Pass for Brutally Murdering and Dismembering a Journalist

54Sir John Barron
47 seconds ago
re: #51 I Would Prefer Not To I appear to be several conspiracy theories behind on my wingnut conspiracy theory reading list.

Anyone paying attention saw this coming. Donald Trump is infatuated with dictators and loves the idea of a strongman murdering journalists who offend him — especially if the strongman is obscenely wealthy. It’s one more warning siren among many that the president of the United States is a dangerous sociopath. …

Chuck C. Johnson and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher pose in front of the Ecuadoran embassy in London. (Source: Facebook)

California’s Pro-Russia Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Is Losing to Democrat Harley Rouda (Or, the Chuck C. Johnson Curse)

679Odie Hugh Manatee
1 week, 5 days ago
re: #674 Anymouse 🌹 The idiot is spelling "You're" as "your"... give it up, you can't penetrate stupid. Too many idiots like to show us all what geniuses they are via their misspelling, bad grammar and alternative facts. They aren't ...