Trump Does It Again - Torches GOP Plan to Hold Children’s Health Insurance Program for Ransom and Blame Democrats

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re: #233 Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines Why does God need a Starship?

Another classic Trump moment today, as he destroys the GOP’s plan to accuse Democrats who vote no on the spending bill of not caring about children, because the bill includes a short term extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The declaration upends 11th-hour negotiations on Capitol Hill that were …

In Which Steve Bannon Gets a Subpoena for Grand Jury Testimony in Mueller’s Russia Investigation

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Mr. and Mrs. plansbandc having spent some quality time as fat fucks, want to tell you that there is absolutely no way in fucking hell the orange bag is less than 270. Trust us, we know. And we aren't necessarily ...
1961: Lewis and Martin Luther King, Jr. in Montgomery, Alabama announcing the Freedom Rides would continue

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis on Donald Trump: ‘I Think He Is a Racist’

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re: #298 gocart mozart I've said from the beginning that this is the connection. Wendy is well connected all over elitist society in Europe and Asia.

A Classic Tale of Creepy Behavior: Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen Arranged $130,000 in Hush Money for Adult-Film Star Right Before the Election

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re: #230 BlueGrl21 Easy to fix. Arrive early or stay late and reset the pass-code for parental control on the office TV. Then block Faux and any other channels that are not appropriate. Then "forget" the new pass-code.

Trump Issues Weak, Garbled Denial of His Racist “Shithole” Comment, but Dick Durbin Says He’s Lying Again

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Wait, I'm watching Batman Begins for the first time and it's a ninja organization hanging out in a Nepali/Tibetan style building in the Chinese-controlled Himalayas, led by Japanese guy dressing up like a lama with an Arabic name but ...

4 Important Takeaways From Jake Tapper’s Bizarre Dysfunctional Interview of Trump Toady Stephen Miller

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re: #126 Belafon Dr Phil, quackery from Dr Oz, Jenny McCarthy and anti vaccination. Yes, Oprah is a great person. She still has some issues regarding the people whose careers she built.

Donald Trump: “I’m Like, Really Smart. In Fact, I’m a Very Stable Genius at That!”

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re: #370 makeitstop According to a 2016 Wired profile, he started out with a $500 investment after graduating from Trinity University, cold calling potential clients before graduating to building websites for organizations including the Trump Winery and Eric Trump Foundation. ...