Federal Judge Denies David Daleiden’s Attempt to Lift TRO, Citing “Deceitful Lengths”

They’re having their day in court, and it isn’t going well
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re: #344 freetoken Cruz's slimy, insincere "smile" looks just like like Ginger Snapped's—google their photo in separate tabs and switch back & forth. They have many of the same facial expressions and ways of tilting their heads, and both exude ...

Anti-Choice Video Maker David Daleiden Turns Himself in to Face Felony Charge

He plans to turn down a probation deal and wants an apology instead
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re: #428 b_sharp No pics, but apologies in advance anyway. A few months back, discovered a tick that had settled in under the nail of my middle toe. Eviction was eventually successful, but not fun.
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Ted Cruz Supporter Phil Robertson: “Rid the Earth Of” Gay Marriage Supporters

Cruz calls him “joyful”
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re: #208 Brian J. Oh thanks. Now this went through my brain: Trumpty Dumpy wanted a wall Trumpty Dumpy, human hairball All of the asses and fat wealthy men couldn't put GOP back in their pen