Some More News: Havana Syndrome, Weed Candy, and More Spooky Stories to Not Be Afraid Of

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Today is #NationalPumpkinDay. When USNS Point Loma (T-AGDS-2) did not have any pumpkins available for Halloween in 1986, the crew made giant jack-o'-lanterns with the LASS missile tracking radars. — U.S. Naval Institute (@NavalInstitute) October 26, 2021 ...

The Oscar Peterson Quartet Featuring Joe Pass, Live in Japan 1987

36Dread Pirate Ron
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re: #35 Hecuba's daughter That was my rant back a few months. the data is useless on anything less than weekly statistics and I don't trust any Republican state to have enough ethics be honest. I may have a somewhat ...

The Bob Cesca Podcast: Bob Hitler

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re: #139 JOE 🥓 This piece of shit needs to be charged with genocide. [Embedded content] A doctor is trying to save lives, and the Clinton News Network calls him crazy. This is an outrage! It's infuriating that this maniac ...